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BTU Calculator

The results offered using our Btu Calculator are approximate values ​​based on average conditions. You should contact a qualified technician if you want a professional evaluation.

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Why choose our


Fast Cooling

With our advance technology, KFIR delivers cool and comfortable experience more quickly


simple maintenance

KFIR DC Inverter AC varies the rotation speed of the compressor, providing a precise method of maintaining the set temperature. The temperature fluctuation is controlled within +-0.5°C


High Efficiency & Saving Energy:

KFIR DC motor uses magnetic force to operate the compressor. This dramatically reduces energy consumption compared to conventional non-inverter motors. A DC inverter AC automatically slows down and operate at minimum suitable capacity after reaching the set temperature


Super Quiet

KFIR AC adopts of inverter tech and optimized air duct & cross flow fan, so that consumer can enjoy super quietness (lowest at 18Db(A))


3D Air Flow

The louver can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, so that it can ensure you enjoy comfort air in every corner of the living space


Fan Speed

You can choose desired air flow form low to turbo


Strong Wing

With the innovate air supply technology, KFIR AC can supply a large volume of airflow and reach all the corners in the room up to 18m long distance air supply


ECO Mode

The air conditioner unit can achieve rapid cooling and desired temperature by operating at high frequency and high air supply speed, which can save energy of 30% compared with conventional split air conditioner


Sleep Mod:

This function enables the air conditioner to automatically increase cooling per hour for the first two hours, then hold steady for the next 5 hours. After that it will be switch off, which maintains both energy saving and comfort during the night.